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My career has been eclectic, but with a common thread: my professional life has centered on making complex economic issues understandable to the general public. Much of my work has been international in focus, dealing with international trade and globalization, international finance and financial regulation, and energy and environmental issues that cross international borders.

I have written five books that merge my interests in economics and business strategy with historical research. I've also written many articles for leading publications, such as Harvard Business Review and Foreign Affairs. These days, I'm a frequent contributor to Echoes, the economic history blog at, and review books for The Wall Street Journal.

I began as a journalist, reporting on business for Time magazine and the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) and serving as editorial director of the daily Journal of Commerce in New York. After several years writing about business and economics for Newsweek, I became finance and economics editor of The Economist in London. In 1999 I joined the predecessor to JP Morgan Chase, where I created a unique industry economics function that married economic research with stock and bond analysis and developed a line of environmental research products for institutional investor clients. I have had stints advising Congress on transportation and industry issues and serving as senior fellow for international business at the Council on Foreign Relations, and have consulted for a number of businesses and public agencies.

My education includes a bachelor's degree from Antioch College, master's degrees from Georgia State University and the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, and a doctorate from the City University of New York.